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Ask Brad – Questions

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Ask Brad Questions – Study Guide

Introduction & Opening Prayer


1. How do we know the Bible is accurate? It has been translated numerous times by sinful humans.

2. How did they pick & eliminate books to be part of the Bible?  How do we know it was done in the correct way?

3. Is it possible that Adam’s life span of 930 years (Ge 5:5) started after he had sinned and that Adam and Eve lived a long, long time before they sinned? Long enough to explain geological records?

4. How do we make sense of the differences on the age of the earth, and dinosaurs?

5. Did Enoch not die? (Ge 5:24)

6. I have a hard time conceptualizing the room it would have taken to house 2 of each kind of all animals that were in the ark. Is it possible God created some animals after the flood and the Bible doesn’t tell us this?

7. When Christopher Columbus found the New World there were already people here.  How does the Bible explain how they got here?

8. How can the witch of Endor summon up Samuel from death in 1 Samuel 28?

9. Why didn’t Jesus write his own book of the Bible?

10. Is there a connection with Moses and Elijah having bodies at the transfiguration in Matthew 17 and their unusual deaths (Deuteronomy 34:6; 2 Kings 2:11)? Why are the archangel Michael and the devil disputing over the body of Moses in Jude 9?

11. Did Jesus really descend into hell? Wouldn’t His holiness obliterate hell?

12. After Jesus death he preached to angels in hell who sinned before the flood and led a train of prisoners out.  Are these the angels who mated with women and produced the giants like Goliath?  (1 Peter 3:20; 2 Peter 2:4)

13. Who were the captives that Jesus set free from hell when He went there before his ascension? (Ephesians 4:7-10; 1 Peter 3: 19-20)

14. What did Jesus do for three days in “hell” before he went to heaven?

• The Apostles Creed doesn’t actually say He was in hell for 3 days

15. I have a friend who reads the O.T. and sees a God that killed (flood, Egyptians, etc.) and required many things of His people. How can I best direct and share Scripture with him that might show/direct him to our loving God?

16. As a Lutheran, how do I defend infant Baptism from the Bible when there are no examples in the Word?

17. If people can have faith without being Baptized (i.e. the thief on the cross), why do we place such a high priority on Baptism when it doesn’t seem necessary?

18. For how long does “baptism now saves you” – until the point you can consciously (free will) decide for Christ?

19. Why do Lutherans believe in “real presence” in Communion?

20. What happens to saved Christians between time of death and Jesus’ return and our resurrection? Do our souls go to heaven? Will we recognize other deceased family members & friends?

21. Work is not a bad thing.  In Eden, Adam was to tend the garden.  But if everything is perfect, what needs tending and what will we be doing in heaven?  Working on something?

22. Are the near death experiences written in books possible examples of what heaven is like?

23. Suicide: My concern is for the souls of the people who jumped out of the twin towers on September 11th instead of being burned alive.  Are they eternally condemned?

24. Is it correct that sin does not prevent us from salvation, only lack of faith? Example – a sin just prior to death does not prevent salvation.

25. Does the Bible still expect tithing in the New Testament, or was that before Jesus?

26. What does the Bible say about the “once saved, always saved” doctrine some Christians teach?

27. If you can lose your faith or give up the faith, and return to Christ, wouldn’t you need to be re-baptized?

28. Why does the LCMS rely on the NIV? It seems we should rely on KJV version as our inspired word of God.

29. Why are there different synods in the Lutheran Church? (Please give history and reason)

30. If God is all loving why does He allow tragic things to happen to good people, especially innocent children?