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It can be easy to get lost in a large congregation and not feel connected. However, the Bible teaches us to connect with others because we are designed for real relationships.  We need the love, support and encouragement of a community of believers who are committed to journeying with us; Our Redeemer Lutheran Church gathers together regularly to enjoy fellowship.  We provide many opportunities for Christian fellowship and relationship building between new and established members and guests from the community.  Won’t you consider joining us for fellowship and Christian growth?

Fellowship Groups

Fellowship-Coffee-1†  Quilting Circle

†  Moms’ Group

†  Grandmas in Christ

†  Men, Singles & Families in Christ

†  Jr. High Youth and Senior High

Fellowship-1†  Knit 1—Pray 2

†  Harvesters

†  Hiker Chicks

†  Crafting Groups

†  Scrapbooking

Fellowship-3†  Christian Book Clubs

†  Sports Ministries