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ScholarshipScholarship Opportunities

Schaeffer-Musser Scholarship Fund was established to financially assist persons to be trained to serve in either the teaching or pastoral ministry of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod by way of making grants to members of the Congregation who have need of financial assistance to obtain the necessary training.  The congregation does so with the understanding that the recipient will be enrolled as a full-time student in a college or seminary of the LCMS, will complete such courses and graduate in good standing and thereafter enter either the teaching or pastoral ministry of the LCMS.  If the recipient of a grant does not engage in such services to the LCMS, the funds should be returned to the congregation and made available to someone who will enter such teaching or pastoral service.

The applications are reviewed by committee in August each year and grants are sent to each applicant personally according to financial need.   Applications should be submitted to the church office by July 1.

Schaeffer-MusserScholarship Fund Application