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Early Childhood – 5K

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Welcome to 5 year old Kindergarten


Mrs. Elise Timm – elise.timm@orlctosa.org

Mrs. Jessica Beckman – jessica.beckman@orlctosa.org


Sample Classroom Newsletters:

SAMPLE-Newsletter-#1    SAMPLE-Newsletter-#2    SAMPLE-Newsletter-#3

Main concepts covered in each of the main curriculum areas are listed here:


  • Jesus is my Savior
  • Share Jesus with others
  • Love one another
  • Jesus died and rose for me
  • I ask for forgiveness
  • I forgive others
  • I learn prayers and Jesus’ words
  • I hear Bible stories
  • I sing in church


Language Arts

  • I speak clearly in front of groups
  • I listen politely
  • I follow directions
  • I identify upper and lower case letters and sounds
  • I write upper and lower case letters
  • I write in my journal
  • I learn to read basic sight words


Fine Arts

  • I have Mrs. Seefeld for music
  • I artistically express myself



  • I accept individual differences
  • I practice good manners
  • I develop a concern for others



  • I learn to sort
  • I learn to pattern
  • I learn to graph
  • I learn to count to 100+
  • I learn skip counting by 10’s, 5’s, and 2’s
  • I learn addition
  • I learn subtraction


Social Studies & Science

  • I learn the pledge of allegiance
  • I learn the Christian pledge
  • I learn about the scientific wonders of God’s world
  • I learn about people outside my family


Field Trips

All field trips are scheduled in the morning–if I usually go to school in the afternoon, I will attend school in the morning and be home in the afternoon or in Extended Care.