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Grade 6

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Welcome to 6th GRADE


Mrs. Alicia Bietz – alicia.bietz@orlctosa.org


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Religion / Memory

One in Christ from CPH is the curriculum used in 6th grade religion. The emphasis of curriculum is the Bible as one big continuing story of God’s love for all people and His plan of salvation for them.

Weekly memory work is required to help students grow in discipleship, scripture, and faith.


Based on test scores and teacher recommendation students will be divided into two math classes to ensure success: 7th grade math and 6th grade math.

A basic scientific calculator will be needed for both groups.


(Senora Maldonado) The focus is on vocabulary development, translations, and conversations. Studying and memorizing are the keys to success in this class.

Language Arts

The sixth grade language arts program focuses on literature, writing, spelling, and speaking. The literature program utilizes novels and a basal reader which feature short stories of fiction and non-fiction. The English curriculum focuses on grammar, and 6 Traits of Writing. These topics are reinforced through several papers required in the year. The spelling program teaches the most frequently misspelled words through a variety of activities as well as the Rebecca Sitton Spelling Series which incorporates editing, proofreading, and grammar skills.

Social Studies

Geography is the focus in sixth grade. Students will be expected to identify the 50 states and will be comparing the regions of South and Central America, and Western Europe through video, textbook, discussion, and projects. Globe and map skills as well as the five themes of geography will also be explored.


A unit approach based on topics by Prentice-Hall covers the topics of Basic Life Structures, Oceans, and Forces and Motion. Students learn by lecture, video, text, research, and hands-on activities. Students will also learn and apply the Scientific Method for experimentation purposes.

Special Events

Trip to Camp Timberlee