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Athletic Ministry


The Athletic Ministry at Our Redeemer Lutheran School exists to faithfully instruct and encourage students to honor God with their bodies through physical activities that will enhance their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical growth and assist them to serve Him in His kingdom.

Goals of the Athletic Ministry

The Athletic Ministry Department works to help the Christian-student-athlete grow and work toward excellence by striving to meet the following objectives:

Provide a safe, Christ-centered environment where athletic skills can be learned and developed.

  1. Model and expect Christian sportsmanship both on and off the court.
  2. Stress the importance of team work and cooperation.
  3. Prepare the upper grades for competition at the high school level.
  4. Clarify that sports are extracurricular and thus a privilege. Priority is to be God, family, school, sports.

Play for the One

Once again, the main goal of the Our Redeemer Athletic Ministry is to give students a chance to develop their God-given physical abilities as well as show Christ to others through words and action.  It is our prayer that everyone involved in the Athletic Ministry comes away with a stronger love for their sport and our Lord and Savior Jesus.