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Grade 4

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Mrs. Deanna Sapiro – deanna.sapiro@orlctosa.org


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Religion / Memory

Our 4th graders study the Bible using the CPH book One in Christ. In it we learn about the leaders from the Old Testament, Jesus’ birth, miracles, death and resurrection, plus the history of the early church.
To enhance our religion class, 4th graders have memory assignments each week. They have the opportunity to learn numerous Bible verses, Luther’s Morning and Evening prayers, the Commandments and meanings, the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, and the Articles and meanings of the Apostle’s Creed.
The Bible verses reinforce the parts of the Bible we study as well as build on verses learned in prior grades.


Saxon Math is the series taught in our 4th grade. In it we learn and practice concepts such as multiplying by two-digit numbers, finding missing addends, area and perimeter, decimals, fractions, percentages, long division and working with money.


Our Puerto Rican native Spanish teacher, Mrs. Maria Maldonado, teaches our 4th graders twice a week. At this level, she places emphasis on vocabulary words as she converses with the students in Spanish.

Language Arts

English – In English, we travel through the McGraw-Hill Language Arts book studying grammar and parts of speech.
Spelling – The Sitton Spelling series guides our learning and practice of everyday words. With some overlap of English lessons, this series helps students find an emphasis on spelling correctly everyday, as well as learning the rules of spelling.
Writing – The 6+1 Traits of Writing is our focus as we practice writing in 4th grade. These traits include ideas and content, organization, sentence fluency, voice, word choice, conventions and presentation. Writing is not limited to this time slot each week as we often write stories or reports for other subject areas.
Handwriting – Rounding out our Language Arts block is handwriting. Our 4th graders use a handwriting workbook that practices the correct formation of their cursive letters. As part of their weekly practice/assignment, the students write out a selected Bible verse.
Beginning with the second quarter of the year, all 4th graders are asked to do all their writing in cursive.

Social Studies

In our social studies text, Social Studies – Regions, by Scott Foresman, we focus on the regions of the United States by learning state names and capitols as well as geographical and economical information. Wisconsin History is a particular focus in 4th grade as well, and is sprinkled throughout the year with a wrap-up in the final quarter which includes individual projects and a trip to Madison.


Our new science series is Science – A Closer Look, by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill. In it, we study Living Things by studying the plant and animal kingdom; Ecosystems by exploration and learning of their survivals; Earth and its Resources; Weather and Space; Matter by looking at its properties and changes; then finish with Forces and Energy.

Special Events

Southeast Storytelling Festival
Gr. 3-5 Christmas Program4th grade Chapel Program
Seder Meal
Spring Concert
Madison Field Trip