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For-Parents-1The Resources area of our website is designed to help parents stay up to date on information and documentation.   Click on the items below to see a PDF version.

Tuition and Fees Policy 2017-2018

2017-2018 School Calendar

Special Events Calendar 2017-18

School Supply List 2017-18

Upper Grade Math Supply List 2017-18


2016-17 School Year Resources:

Tuition and Fees Policy 2016-17

ORLS 2016-2017 Calendar

ORLS School Event Calendar 2016-17

Parent handbook 2016-17


2015-16 School Year Resources:

*** Tuition and Fees Policy 2015-2016


*** TAX REMINDER:  for the 2016 WI Private School Tuition tax deduction, you will need to reference both of the above listed tuition and fee schedules as the calendar year 2016 covers Jan.-May 2016 and Aug.-Dec. 2016.  This spans TWO fee schedules!

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